Enhancing a responsive redesign of an existing career services website

My Role | Research, UX, UI

00. Preliminary Thoughts

Workwell is based in SF but has a wide reach and provides career services to job seekers in the tech industry. I collaborated with the cofounders to understand gaps on their existing website from user feedback received


01. User Research and Insights

Understanding competitors and who they are

The main findings I learned from secondary research is: 

  • Idea of hiring a career coach is generally thought of a last resort option
  • Career-changers opt-in to career services more so than individuals staying in the same field
  • Career services businesses rely a lot on their client placement and reviews to uphold reputation
User thoughts and feelings

I also conducted a survey to understand the experience on using career services. I primarily wanted to know the reason of purchase for career services, if there were career-changers and services purchased. The survey findings resulted in:


Career changers and were looking for more guidance


Reputation and client placement were #1 in choosing a provider


Of respondents who purchased career services were part of the Millennial generation

Who is the main user?

The main persona is an individual who is looking to change careers and is not that confident in her job search skillset yet. The individual is looking for support and encouragement as switching careers is a huge change in her life.

02. Define and Design

Structuring the website

The existing website was quite concise with most of the information presented on the homepage. I added a few relevant pages and organized in a way that is a more familiar pattern.

With sketches I aimed to provide clarity and organization to provide the user with some organization. The reviews page was also a focus and how best to present the information.

UI and visual stylings

WorkWell strives to provide a non-judgmental and supportive space where everyone can share their experiences and practice their new skillset. The responsive website should reflect familiarity, lightness and should provide the user with some confidence.

I also worked within the existing brand's color schemes and logo.

Empowerment and Confidence
Teamwork and Support
Color / UI Inspiration

03. Testing and Final Iteration

The most common flow is that of a user looking for information about the program. They either apply to the program directly or sign up for an information session.

I designed four tasks and tested the main pages of: 

Improving upon key test takeaways

Positive feedback from the usability testing was that the general flow was intuitive and clear. The client placement companies were well positioned on the homepage.

Critical feedback for improvement focused on imagery and color. The need was for more informal imagery as client placement is more start-up based than traditional corporate companies. Since WorkWell caters to everyone, the need for diversity in the imagery was added. Additionally, teal is a brand color, however it proved to be blaring and distracting to testers in the footer. A more neutral color was added in the final version.

Final Thoughts

Working on my first project with a client helped me to understand user problems in a real world setting and working with stakeholders. Providing frequent updates to the stakeholders proved to be valuable to the client as they planned to include some of the designs into their own redesign. The clarity and organization was something they very much needed to further their mission of helping more job-seekers.